Consulting Package

We conduct market research and provide you with a strategic report on how you can deploy these technologies in the future.

Specifically, we will deliver suggestions on:

  • Which user personas to target
  • 3 different options for implementing voice assistant technology in attracting more visitors to your location.

Approx. Price: CHF 10’000


Development Package

We develop a simple Alexa skill for your brand and publish it in the German Alexa Skill store. Users of Amazon Echo in Austria and Germany will be able to ask about your location on their device and hear your marketing.

Approx. Price: CHF 50’000

„Alexa, where should I go on holiday?“

Have you reserved your place in the Alexa store?

In a few short years, voice assistants in the home will take off. In 2016, there were 6.5 million Amazon Echos and Google Homes shipped worldwide. Analysts predict that they will ship 24.5 million units in 2017. In December Apple’s HomePod will start shipping bringing high quality audio to the smart speaker market and bringing it to a wider audience. Currently, none of these devices is available in Switzerland, but they will be soon. The voice controlled apps available on these devices are easier to use than a smartphone for everyday home actions like playing music, checking the weather, and getting a news update.

Over the last six months we have been testing the Amazon Echo and built our first Alexa Apps and we believe it’s time for you to join us. Consumers in Germany and Austria can already buy their own Echo, and there are already Apps appearing for tourist locations. Will you be among them?

There are two different opportunities. The first is to market your location to the millions of users who have these voice assistants in their homes, and become known as a great example app as hundreds of millions of more people get their own voice assistant in the coming years.

The second opportunity is to integrate the voice assistants into your location to become the smart destination of the future. Imagine letting the voice assistant wake up guests only if the weather is good enough for skiing, and otherwise recommending them a nice restaurant to go to. With such intelligent assistance in every hotel room and even on your ski lifts, guests will be truly impressed with this vision of the future and high level of service, and market the location for you.


Experience Marketing Package

We provide a complete service covering all of the following:

  • Researching your location and target customers to develop specific personas to target as users
  • Design a Voice Assistant Experience for your location that may include Voice Assistants in Hotel Rooms and other locations, together with these businesses
  • Develop the voice assistant on the most suitable platform (Amazon, Google, etc.)
  • Install the technology on site and train staff in guiding customers to having the best experience
  • Work with your marketing department to develop a suitable marketing strategy
  • Work with your or our filmmaking team to develop a powerful set of advertisements for the voice assistant service as a hook to create interest amongst tourists
  • Work with social media influencers as invited guests to create more viral social media coverage
  • Implement a Press and Media strategy to create attention in the news media in Switzerland and abroad
  • Deploy web ad strategy to complement organic impressions

This project will take 12-18 months and is only available to one customer. If you are interested please get in touch with us as soon as possible, as we will provide this service exclusively to one tourism location in Switzerland.

Approx. Price: CHF 250’000